There is a vibrant mooting community in Cambridge, competing both within the University and in national and international competitions. We are always keen to welcome new mooters, and have a number of events designed to build the confidence and skills of those who have not mooted before.

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What is a Moot?

A moot is an oral argument on a point of law in mock court proceedings. Students aim to present a persuasive and succinct argument to a judge, who, in internal competitions, is usually a Masters or Ph.D. student. Each mooter has a set time to present his or her legal arguments, rebut those of his or her opponent, and answer questions asked by the judge. Points are awarded for advocacy skills, quality of argument and legal research – even if the law is against you.

Mooting is one of the best ways to improve your skills as a lawyer. It builds confidence and creativity, and develops your knowledge of the law, legal research skills, and ability to argue. No prior experience in public speaking or debating is required. Indeed, while mooting attracts many keen debaters, its emphasis on technical argument over rhetoric also attracts those who usually avoid public speaking.


We are always keen to hear from graduates, Masters or PhD students, academics or practitioners interested in judging moots. There is no minimum time commitment. No experience is necessary, as we have dedicated workshops and resources for judges.
Judges Guidelines: Link
Judging Grid: Link

How do I Moot Effectively?

Our invaluable mooting guide, compiled with the expert help of Essex Court Chambers, is available for download – CULS Mooting Guide. Those seeking further guidance are recommended to try the following:

Law Bore’s ‘An Introduction to Mooting, incorporating Mooting’s Most Frequently Asked Questions’ – Includes a useful “Know your judge!”, amongst others.

Kopa and Skarkova (ed.), ‘Mootology and Mooting Skills’ – Possibly the most detailed and useful mooting guide available on the web.

Get Involved!

There are plenty of ways to moot in Cambridge.  If you want more information or have any questions, you can email the CULS Mooting team at [email protected] or visit our Facebook page.



De Smith Moot – Round 1 – 14th October – sponsored by Blackstone Chambers

Brick Court Moot – Round 1 – 28th October – sponsored by Brick Court Chambers

Fledglings Moot – Round 1 – 4th November – sponsored by Quadrant Chambers

Cuppers Moot – Round 1 – 27th January – sponsored by Atkins Chambers